Our Approach

Our approach is designed towards holistic delivery of training solutions obtained from outcomes of researches into hands in organizational and environmental developments that ensure innovative, practical, problem solving deliveries and evaluation of courses and participants feedback..Jogap Nigeria Ltdevaluates training courses with much emphasis on how the courses are delivered and constructive participants’ feedbacks are improved and modify our training programmes:

The way we structure and deliver our courses

It is crucial to the success of any training programmeto employ the right resource personneland ascertain the required methods for the programme. To achieve success we do not only source for the right people but we ensure that we match the right people with the right beneficiaries. Our courses are tailored to clients need with a structure that is flexible and designed to match client’s available time and budget. JOGAP provides its own materials and on an as need basis can source reputable materials as well as provide off and on site training.

Training Facilitation & Management

All trainings must be divided into phases to ensure that the various project elements and components are effectively coordinated and tracked. This allows for adequate monitoring and control.

Time Management

For a training programme to be termed successful, it must not only be delivered to the right specification but it must be delivered on time. Our resource persons provide an effective project schedule/work programme to ensure that each phase of the programme is delivered on time without compromising quality.

Cost Management

One of our key objectives is to manage our clients’ funds judiciously to avoid budget over-run and project failure.We identify needed resources and maintain budget accuracyand control.

Quality Management

Our commitment to quality is embedded within our mission statement. We have a quality manual that all employees of Jogap Nigeria Ltd must comply with,to ensure functional requirements and standards are met. Our quality management plan does not end at the point of service delivery but extends to after support services.

Communication Management

Throughout a training cycle, we ensure that there is no break in communication between our team members and the client representatives. Also of paramount importance to us is feedback with the serviced organization representatives to allow for better understanding and continued work harmony throughout the training.

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“I found the trainer excellent and could answer all questions asked and delivered the course in an interesting format”

Jesse Kure
Chief Financial Officer, Jamaica International